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why Crew4Good?

The problem for many smaller charities is that they have limited or zero funds to pay for the services that are so essential for raising further funds and fuelling their growth
We believe in the transformative power of visuals – videos and photos – in our mission to create a meaningful impact and inspire positive change for the charities we support

why visuals matter

EMOTIONAL CONNECTION: Videos and photos have the incredible ability to inspire impact through emotions that words often struggle to convey
STORYTELLING: Stories have the power to heal. Visual storytelling has the power to invoke change by appealing to our shared humanness
INCREASED ENGAGEMENT: Visuals are the currency of engagement. Compelling visuals increase reach, captivate attention, build support, and foster community involvement
TRUST AND TRANSPARENCY: Transparency is vital in building trust. Visuals provide a direct window into a charity’s projects, allowing their supporters to witness the impact of their contributions firsthand
AMPLIFIED FUNDRAISING: A picture is worth a thousand words, and a powerful video can inspire countless actions. Compelling visuals serve as a catalyst for fundraising efforts, encouraging more individuals to contribute and make a difference

past projects

Singapore Book Council

C4G assisted SBC with the live multi-camera coverage of their 2022 Literary Prize plus the production of two videos honouring Singapore’s independent bookstores, and SBC Achievement Award recipient Edwin Thumboo


C4G produced a video on the impact of TomoWork’s flagship initiative, Talent Accelerator Programme (TAP) which helps students with special educational needs find meaningful employment

Inspiring Girls

C4G has supported Inspiring Girls with both video and photography production. Projects include environmental awareness, careers and leadership workshops


Working with your team has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish. The level of commitment to excellence has truly set C4G apart. Your team's professionalism and proactive communication have exceeded our expectations
C4G's responsiveness, clear communication about their capabilities within our constraints, and overall professionalism is invaluable. Their work empowers us to envision and achieve ambitious goals that might otherwise be out of reach. As a project manager, the assurance of being able to entrust our work to them is priceless
Working with Chris from Crew4Good was incredibly seamless and easy. The pro-bono work (both photo & video) delivered was 10/10 and I highly recommend his services for all charities

are you a charity looking for help?

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