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A community of media professionals dedicated to helping charities and nonprofits produce more effective media content.

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Why C4G?

Charities, NGOs and nonprofits have important messages to communicate and campaigns to promote, but often don’t have the budget to do so.  And even when they do have a budget, it often falls short of what they truly need.

CREW4GOOD is a community dedicated to providing skills and equipment to aid charities and nonprofits to produce more effective media content.

Crew4Good is a registered company in Singapore and is seeking recognition as a Social Enterprise in Singapore in 2023 

Its simple

We live in a time of great change, of great threat to the environment and great struggle for many communities around the world. 

We also live in THE time of digital media, with so many digital channels and social media platforms, there’s never been greater opportunity for charities to get their message across.

Its complicated

But, it can be harder for charities to get their voices heard, with so many digital channels – there’s too many voices screaming for attention.

 Charities and NGOs need experienced media professionals to help them break through the noise and craft compelling stories to educate and motivate change.

Its time

Misinformation and fake news have turned our digital media platforms into weapons of mass distraction.

The media industry must do all it can to redress the balance, and help bring a spotlight onto the issues that truly matter.

We have the capacity to do more
for society and the environment

The media industry has many talented, passionate freelancers with spare time, personal resources, and a desire to make a positive contribution to our world. 

For those who already give their time to good causes – we want to make it easier and help provide support, for those who are looking for  their first opportunity – we want to motivate you to take the first step, and then the next.

By coming together as a community we can support each other and have a greater impact.

CREW4GOOD provides the platform for charities and NGOs to source the skills needed to make their projects a reality, and for media professionals to find causes that are closest to their heart.

Matching skills & passion to causes

CREW4GOOD - a one-stop-shop to unite charities with the skilled professionals they need to create impactful digital content

No matter what the issue

No matter what the skill



cultural preservation




web designer

social issues

human trafficking


drug addiction

VO artist

wildlife conservation

graphic artist

public health

sound recordist

indigenous rights



mental health

civil rights



How it works

Charities and NGOs (or anyone on a mission) can pitch their projects to CREW4GOOD

The projects may have some budget, or no budget, but guaranteed they won’t see the light of day without the support of CREW4GOOD.

The CREW4GOOD crew assesses the project, provides advice on its viability, establishes the rough commercial value of the project, confirms the amount that the charity can put toward it, and determines whether it’s something that can be either:

1/ taken on internally by the company, or

2/ pitched to the CREW4GOOD COMMUNITY

Whether it’s a one day shoot or a full production from concept to post production, CREW4GOOD provides services at cost or for free, with the long-term objective of supplementing its costs through sponsorship and by conducting commercial work.

And whatever we do, we do it ethically

Anyone involved in CREW4GOOD  must be committed to upholding the strongest ethical standards, with a sincere motivation to use their skills for the betterment of humanity and the natural world.

And any projects that come under our wing must be held to the same standards, and be truthful, impartial and grounded in good science.

ethically, truthfully

If the project can be taken on internally, CREW4GOOD will confirm the total budget (including how much  CREW4GOOD can supplement the cost with their own funds and in-kind services), agree to terms and set a schedule.

If the project can’t be taken on internally, it will be presented to the CREW4GOOD COMMUNITY  via its social media platform.

CREW4GOOD admin offers advice before the pitch goes live – ensuring it’s fair & that the charity’s expectations are reasonable.

Once the project piques the interest of CREW4GOOD members, It will be down to the individuals involved to negotiate & agree on pro bono or discounted rates.

After which it’s lights, camera, action!

The CREW4GOOD COMMUNITY is an international collective of talented media professionals, all of whom have agreed to donate their time and resources to worthy causes.


Beyond providing access to skilled crew, when possible  CREW4GOOD will also provide equipment [KIT4GOOD], and/or some financial support to aid the community members in the completion of their projects.

It is the objective of CREW4GOOD to seek financial and in-kind sponsorship to support its own productions, and also the community.

 E.g. third party, public liability & equipment insurance, reduced or FOC equipment hire costs from third party hire companies, in-kind donated equipment from equipment manufacturers, etc.

By supporting CREW4GOOD  a corporate partner can greatly enhance the impact of their sponsorship as it will be spread across multiple projects, benefiting multiple worthy causes.

Because it feels good to do good

What CREW4GOOD can offer charities & NGOs

[This is a list of what we hope to offer in the future]

Basic Services

  1. Production advice – giving guidance on productions – cost, viability, creative approach etc
  2. Crews at discount or pro-bono – one stop shop for people in need of a crew, streamlining the search and guaranteeing reliability and quality

Comprehensive Services

  1. Pre-production services – script development, project management 
  2. Production services – camera crews [DoP, sound, director, assistant etc]
  3. Post production services – editor, voice-over artist

Other Services

  1. Online platform to streamline the production 
  2. Access to other products and services beyond crews (e.g. free/reduced stock footage, music etc) 
  3. Greater reach to news organisations 
  4. Further platform to promote their message via website, acting as distribution portal to news agencies

What CREW4GOOD can offer its community

[This is a list of what we hope to offer in the future]


  1. Chance for paid job referrals between community members
  2. Collaboration – members can pitch their own ideas to fellow members to assist them
  3. Support for community members own personal projects – community members are encouraged to pursue their own projects with a purpose, and gain support from CREW4GOOD


  1. Access to free equipment [KIT4GOOD] to help support their charity projects
  2. Discounts for services from sponsors for their commercial work  – e.g.: insurance, equipment purchases, equipment hire

Financial Support

As CREW4GOOD grows it will seek sponsorship from corporate donors to support CREW4GOOD COMMUNITY productions.

Doing Good, Guaranteed

Wherever possible, CREW4GOOD  will do its best to guarantee that:

1/ Charities and NGOs get a good quality service. Membership is built on personal contacts – each member has been vouched for by others to maintain integrity and quality of services offered.

2/ The good will of our community isn’t taken advantage of by organisations that would ordinarily pay for our services. For this reason CREW4GOOD will focus its services towards the smaller organisations. Larger organisations that often have the budget for media productions will require greater scrutiny. Before the pitch goes live the organisation will be required to sign a declaration confirming that without the support of  CREW4GOOD  the project would not be able to go ahead.

Any inquiries?


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