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CREW4GOOD’s mission is to help charities achieve meaningful impact and inspire positive change through the transformative power of visuals – videos and photos
We live in a time of great change, of great threat to the environment and great struggle for many communities around the world

We also live in THE time of digital media with so many digital channels and social media platforms, yet it can be hard for charities to get their voices heard and capture audiences’ attention through the abundance of noise
Misinformation and fake news have turned our digital media platforms into weapons of mass distraction

The media industry must do all it can to redress the balance, and help bring a spotlight onto the issues that truly matter

we have the capacity to do more for society and the environment

The media industry has many talented, passionate freelancers with spare time, personal resources, and a desire to make a positive contribution to our world
For those who already give their time to good causes – we want to make it easier and help provide support, for those who are looking for  their first opportunity – we want to motivate you to take the first step, and then the next
Whatever we do, we do it ethically. Anyone involved in Crew4Good must be committed to upholding the strongest ethical standards, with a sincere motivation to use their skills for the betterment of humanity and the natural world
And any projects that come under our wing must be held to the same standards, and be truthful, impartial and grounded in good science
CREW4GOOD provides the platform for charities and NGOs to source the skills needed to make their projects a reality, and for media professionals to find causes that are closest to their heart

by coming together as a community we can support each other and have a greater impact

CREW4GOOD - a one-stop-shop to unite charities with the skilled professionals they need to create impactful digital content

because it feels good to do good